Curriculum and Schedule

Some of the areas you can expect to be covered in our beginner and advanced programs will include:

  • Emphasis on the fundamentals

  • Drills and Match Scenarios

  • Strength/Conditioning

  • Ring psychology for standard and non-standard match types

  • Development of timing, positioning and footwork

  • Wrestling styles from around the world

  • Character development both in and out of the ring

  • Crafting a proper promo for any scenario

  • Etiquette inside and outside the ring

  • How to excel in a TV/PPV environment

  • Proper use of social media to promote your brand

  • Taking your first steps towards working in front of a live audience


Beginner Class Requirements

  • Day 1 Registration Deposit/Payment (Plan A $700, Plan B $1000, Plan C $2700) {more info}

  • Payments can be made in cash, check, money order or PayPal.

  • Students applying for enrollment MUST be 18 years of age or older.

  • Students applying for enrollment MUST provide a physical from a doctor on day one. We will provide a medical history form for students to fill out.

  • We require all participants of the Dojo to sign a liability waiver before enrollment.

  • For safety it is recommended that all students wear amateur wrestling shoes or boxing/wrestling boots. This helps prevent tears in the canvas which could lead to injury. Knee pads and elbow pads are recommended for safety.

  • Shorts, sweatpants or leggings are recommended along with a t-shirt.

  • Sleeveless shirts or tank tops are not allowed at the Dojo for cleanliness purposes. Bring several shirts to change into if needed and a towel to wipe off between drills.

  • It is crucial to bring a notebook to record everything you learn.

As a school we have high standards of our students both in and out of the ring. We expect all students to fulfill these standards both while at training or while involved in any wrestling related task/activity.

Hard work is expected from everyone involved; There is no substitute. Everything you do in and out of the ring will affect your overall progress. So autograph your work with excellence!!!

A lineup of Worldwide Wrestling Dojo Students.

Training days include Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursday split into beginner and advanced classes. Classes begin at 6pm everyday and last a minimum of 3 hours. Beginner classes are held Monday and Tuesday while Advanced are Wednesday and Thursday. In the event of a schedule change students will be notified or can reference the schedule posted at the dojo.

Monday: Beginner Class 6PM-9PM

Tuesday: Beginner Class 6PM-9PM

Wednesday: Advanced Class 6PM-9PM

Thursday: Advanced Class 6pm-9PM